Too Busy to Exercise? Try This Effective Short Workout Daily

One of the biggest obstacles for most people when it comes to maintaining an exercise program, or even getting started, is the lack of time.  However, if you are doing the right type of workout, you not only don’t need to spend a lot of time working out, you don’t even have to leave home for your exercise session.  This not only means a shorter workout, but you don’t have to get to and from the gym, either.

Cardio Workout

A high quality, the effective cardio workout can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes.  Some options at home include getting a good piece of cardio equipment, like a stationary bike or treadmill.  If the cost is too prohibitive or you don’t have the room, that’s okay. We have other options, too.  You can get out and run around the house or the neighborhood.  If this is an option, get a watch, or use a timer app on your phone.

Set if for seven and a half minutes so you know when to turn around and head back home.  When starting out, you might not make it all the way back, as the second half of your run might have you running slower.  But as your fitness level increases and you learn how to pace yourself, you’ll probably cover more ground in the second half of the run, which is awesome!

Another option is to use your yard or an open field if you have one nearby and do some spring work instead.  The grass will be easier on your legs and sprint is extremely effective, even more so than a regular run.

With sprinting you’ll want to do intervals of sprints plus rest, and you’ll want to start out slowly and add more sprints to the workouts as you get in better shape.  Sprinting is very hard work.

If those aren’t options or the weather is keeping you indoors, you can do a variety of different things, such as running the steps.  Or running in place.  Or jumping jacks.  Or mountain climbers.  Or skater hops.  Or get a jump rope which will give you a fantastic full body cardio workout.

Resistance Training Workout

If you want to get some resistance training work in, you can get some dumbbells, which are pretty inexpensive and don’t take up much room.  Or you can get a kettlebell.  But you can also use body weight exercises.  There are hundreds you can do and most have plenty of variations to make them easier or more difficult.

The best option would be to get a couple of dumbbells or a kettlebell and combine that with body weight exercises for a complete full body workout.  Designed the right way, you wouldn’t even need to do separate cardio workouts either.

Sticking with the fifteen-minute time limit of a shorter workout, you can do density training, which is simply doing an exercise or exercises and trying to get as many as possible in the time allotted, in this case, fifteen minutes.  Or, better yet, use five minutes to warm up and then do a ten-minute density workout.

You could warm up by doing the following circuit once or twice.

Bodyweight squats – 10 repetitions
Push-ups – 5 reps
Jumping Jacks – 20 reps
Mountain Climbers 20 total reps

Now, go into a ten-minute density training workout.  Complete as many rounds as possible of the following circuit in ten minutes, resting when you need to.

Jumping Jacks – 10
Bodyweight Squats – 10
Push Ups – 5
Mountain Climbers – 20
Alternate Forward Lunges – 8

Try these fifteen-minute workouts at home and see if they don’t help you stick to your workout program, no matter how busy you might be.