This Is The Quickest And Easiest Way To Uphold Your ‘Workout More’ Resolution

Ever thought that an app can help you sweat it out like a horse to the weight room in just seven minutes? If you have no idea, then you should make an effort of acquiring the new fitness app. This can replace the amount you spend on gymnasium this year 2015

The app was idealized by a trainer and physiologist. The application developed is based on an idea that exercising in short spurts has lots of advantages compared to long and hefty exercise.

The application is very easy to use, virtually anyone can be able to use this application. All you need to use it is a just a smartphone, a wall and a chair.

The Training
In the first seven-minute period, one is engaged in twelve comparatively regular exercises which can include press ups, squats and Sit-ups. Almost all of the exercises do not require you to use any other aids, just yourself. Only two of the twelve exercises require a chair to hold your mass.
I myself tried out some exercises using the mobile app. Some of the exercises I tried include wall sits, crunches, Step-up, Jumping jacks, Side planks, Lunges, Push ups including rotations, Triceps dips; which I did on chair and high knees. A break of only ten seconds is allowed while shifting from one exercise to another.

Is it Hype Worthy?

The routine given by this app came out with rapid results although I injured two parts of my body, somehow it seemed unpleasant but in that way in which good work outs can be. Comparing it to my 5-week routine in yoga to this new regimen, I find the new routine completely different. After the routine I also experienced a change in my mood, my mental clarity increased. Thatís the reason as to why I always do yoga straight away after the practice.

Here is another of its rewards over normal workouts. This I have experienced. For me, I reside in New York, America on a small apartment, with this I still was able to conduct my routine in just one corner of my family room using the said equipment; phone, mat and chair.

Comparing to the one and a half hour yoga routine, the benefits of my new procedure didnít last as long; this was although expected. The consequence of the seven minute procedure was felt only instantly after completing the practice, given a few hours the effect would no longer be felt. This requires one to commit themselves to the procedure everyday leading to persistence of its effects.

At the moment there are no long term studies comparing the results of this new workout to the regular workouts.  Generally though, scientists support that for a healthier heart and better muscle mass, high intensity workout intervals are good.

It is found out that patients with heart conditions have better recovery when after participating in short high intensity work outs, this assists much in bringing back the normal heart functioning for individuals, and this is in comparison to constant workouts routines.

With this, individuals with heart condition still need to consult a physician before choosing a new workout routine.

Science involved in workouts

The techniques involved entails training after a certain time interval. It may employ pattern of short and long time slices broken by some small duration of rests.  Other than the fact that interval workouts does not consume much time it has very many benefits as compared to long duration workouts.

It is very wise to avoid going for an hour run, then attending the gym facility. Those can be substituted by short interval pushups, squats and jumping jacks to achieve the same results. This is really good because you don’t need to skip workouts because of the time spent, or because of bad weather or expensive gym membership.

The American Council on Exercise and the Mayo clinic promotes interval training. According to a study in the year 2012, involving two group of runners, one group was required to perform traditional, continuous interval training and the other was subjected to interval training the final results proofed to be the same.  The difference was that that interval trainers had a very impressive oxygen intake. This one importance measure durability.

According to a recent research published by the journal of Diabetologia, interval workouts helped people with diabetes curb this condition. It involved walking faster for three minutes and resting for about an hour. This exercise helped to reduce the blood sugar level.

The most fundamental thing is to be very committed to interval workouts. Ensuring that you drive yourself to achieve a physically fit body. The good thing with this work out just a small time is needed.