Exercising and Coffee: Why You Should Drink Before You Sweat

Do you enjoy exercising and staying fit? Believe it or not, coffee might help you make the most of your workouts. There are three reasons why drinking coffee before you exercise is a good idea.

Burn More Calories After Exercise

One reason to drink coffee before you work out is that it could help you burn more calories than if you had not had a cup. Studies indicate that people who drink four and a half mg of caffeine for each kilogram of their overall weight burn approximately 15 percent more calories during the first three hours after they are finished working out.

That is a lot of coffee, however, so do not start out that strong in the beginning. Drink what you are used to and increase the amount if your body can tolerate it. In addition, think about when you want to exercise. If you can only fit in a workout in the evening, you probably do not want to drink that much coffee because you might have trouble falling asleep. Switch to another time of day if possible.

In addition to the calorie benefits, people who drink coffee stated that their muscles were less sore than those who did not consume the beverage. They were able to work out harder than they would have been able to otherwise, increasing their benefits from their exercise session.

Additional Blood Circulation

There is another reason why you should drink coffee before you work out. Doing so helps your blood to circulate more, which helps get oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, which are going through a lot of strain.

Therefore, when you drink coffee, you can help your body from getting too tired during exercising. This makes your workout last longer because your muscles are getting more oxygen and are therefore contracting harder during reps.

Less Pain

The last reason why consuming coffee is a good idea prior to a workout is because you may think that you feel less pain as a result. People who drank the beverage stated that they had less muscle pain and were able to make it through exercises that they typically would have had problems with.

Therefore, if drinking coffee helps you to move through your workout better, that means you can get a lot more out of the exercises themselves.


There are a few negatives associated with drinking coffee, however. Some people report cramping during their workout. Others stated that drinking the beverage caused them to need to use the bathroom. If you do not feel that drinking coffee is in your best interest, try taking a caffeine supplement instead. There are plenty to choose from on the market. However, look for the right dosage so that you can achieve the best results.

Caffeine can help you in several different ways. Consider consuming coffee before you go for your next workout and see if you notice any benefits. You might realize that it is the best way for you to get in an effective workout!