A Runner’s Strength Workout That Can Be Done Anywhere

Performing physical exercise should be your routine. It is very important to keep a constantly perform your exercise to ensure a healthy body. You should devise a very special plan for exercise to ensure that it can be comfortably executed anywhere.

By specifically identifying the best manner of working out that is suitable for you, making it a routine is very easy and practical. One of the most elaborate forms of exercise should incorporate strength, mobility, and balance. It should be an all-around kind of exercise that covers many needs at once. It only involves a short time of exercising of about 10 to 20 minutes, it is very flexible and can be done virtually everywhere. Including warming up and cooling down can be perfect. They cover for that day you cannot make a run.

Have a digital timing watch. Time yourself to each time increasing the interval by 75 seconds. Adhere to the 10 strength exercise one after the other, each for one minute. The main goal is to race your heart in order to properly deliver the needed strain to the target muscle groups. The braking time of about fifteen minutes is necessary for the transition from one exercise to the other. If you are running out of time, then reducing, this time, is easily considered.

If this exercise is a new thing to you, complete the sequence of these exercises once. If you have been doing this for a while, then performing this train of exercise twice or even more is recommended.

For whole moths or at least three weeks. You can perform this exercise two or three times a week. May be included with a run or even such standalone exercise followed by warming up or cooling down. After this period has elapsed, you will need to reverse the order of the training exercise. That is the last exercise backwards to the first one. Maintaining this sequence for another three to two weeks Is also key.  After all this you will need to improve on your lower body, perform squats and lunges among others. Then the focused is shifted to the upper body. It may involve doing the hardcore exercises like planks and crunches etc.

Eventually, you may decide to create a varying sequence of this exercises each week. Ensure that one of all those exercises are included in this new routine. It is very amazing to understand that the change of the order of this exercises can dramatically change your body. This ensures a perfectly fit body.

Runner’s strength workout 1.0

Squat along with Calf Raise. Ensure that you stand with your feet reasonably far apart, sit back and slowly go down into a squat position. Focus in ensuring that your body weight is on the heels. Apply pressure and extend your legs, achieve a desired balance of pressure onto your toes to achieve a calf raise. Then gently lower and repeat the instructions above slowly for a defined time based on your schedule.

Pushups and Plank Holding

Pushups cannot be a walk in the park when you are new to it. Just like any other physical exercise that involves straining some muscles, you need work it out progressively. There are several positions you can use to perform pushups. Depending on your experience, try several positions and do not force yourself into it. You can also blend in your exercise with press ups to balance your exercise.

You can also try plank holding, that is performing the pushups and press ups rather on a slow motion. Try holding for about five seconds are so repeatedly.

Perform Lunges

You can also try to exercise your legs by performing some stretching and extreme knee bending. Here is how it works. First, set your feet to about a hip-width apart. Then you can take an embellished forward step while aligning your core to keep the balance. Take a 90-degree bend of the knee until your thigh lies almost parallel to the floor. Keep in mind that the knee should not go beyond the toes. Perform this exercise by pushing through the leading heel back to the position you started from and doing the same a couple of times. Do it for both legs.

The 30-second Plank

Take about 30 seconds to perform this exercise. Start by lying down with your face parallel to the floor. Let your arms bend to about 90 degrees as you thrust your elbows beneath your shoulders. You can now try to clench your body starting from your head through to your feet.

Similarly perform another 30-second side plank as well. Here the process is similar to the above only that instead of lying in a face-down position, you lie on your side. Do the side plank on both sides.

The 60-second Single Leg T-Rise
This exercise requires that you do it while maintaining a good body balance. This involves raising one of your foot while standing on the other. You can lean forward as you raise the other leg such that your body forms the letter T. Do the same for the other leg taking at least a minute for each leg.

The Bridge

You can do this by first lying on the floor while facing the ceiling. You can then try to align your knees and shoulders by lifting up your hips leveraging from your bum. Repeat the process for about a minute each time.

The Jack Knife Crunches

Perform this by lying on your back parallel to the floor. Keep your core in contact to the floor while lifting your back and stretching your arms to aim your toes. Make sure that your knees doesnít bend during this process. Repeat for a few times.

Fire Hydrants. Ensure that you rest your weight fully on your hands and knees, gently raise your right bent leg to the side, and hold to this state for at least two seconds. Gradually release back and repeat the same procedure for the left leg. This trail of exercise should be done in at least thirty seconds each side.

Superman. Lie on your belly fully on the ground and put your hands over your head, provide thrust to your legs and hand to lift them from the ground into the air. Hold this position for at least five seconds, then gently and slowly release. Perform this for the next one minute or so.

In conclusion, these set of exercise are really good and can be fitted into a tight schedule. It delivers what is intended in a simple way even if you are leading a very busy lifestyle. Maintaining the desired strength also ensure that your body is physical fit. Furthermore, injuries can be avoided since it does not involve weight lifting.

It is a flexible guide, you can go an extra step by printing this guide for use during trips.