A Circuit Workout For When You’re Super Short On Time

One of the things that make working out on a regular basis so challenging is life getting in the way.  Things like the holiday season, which covers quite a long period of time from Thanksgiving to New Years, with Christmas in between.  It’s hectic, there is so much to do and most people are very stressed out and have little time to themselves.  One of the first things that fall away at busy times like this is exercise.

The great news is that you don’t have to drop your exercise program, even if you have very little time.  If you can only grab twenty minutes, that is more than enough!

The Short, But Longer Than Four Minutes Circuit Workout

You’ll want to crank out the following three moves as quickly as possible for the noted number of repetitions. Then you’ll rest for a minute and do this two more times.  Try and complete the round in less time than you did the first round and always look to improve each workout.  Eventually, you may be able to do the entire thing, all the rounds, without any rest at all.

Run with High Knees

This is a straight forward exercise.  Stand in place, straight up, and then bring one knee up as high as you can. Put down that leg down and do the same with the other leg.  You are running in place but making sure to get the knee up as high as possible on each “step.”  You’ll complete 50 total reps.  Make sure to stay on the balls of your feet.  Don’t let your heels touch the ground.

A Down Dog Variation

Get on the floor and kneel on all fours.  Your hands should be under your shoulders with your hips over your knees.  Take your knees off the floor.  Now reach toward the ceiling with your hip bones.

Bend your right knee and pull or tuck it in toward your elbow.  You’ll be adjusting your weight on to your shoulders.  Move back into the original down dog position and repeat with your left knee.  You’ll perform this exercise for 10 repetitions.

Mountain Climbers

Get into the start-up the position of a regular push up.  While keeping your back as flat as possible (try to keep from arching your back up in the air), you’ll bring your left knee into you chest area.  Straighten the knee and put your toes back on the floor.  Do the same with the left knee.  Perform this movement as quickly as possible.  You’re going to go for 50 reps.

If you need to see the exercises, you’ll definitely want to check out the video below.  With shorter workouts, you need to really boost your intensity to get the most out of them.